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Our schools are places where the Good News is proclaimed, and students grow in the knowledge and understanding of Christ and his teaching.

This Catholic character offers students and their families a human formation that has the intellectual, practical and moral excellence of learners at its heart.

In this important work our dedicated school leaders, teachers and staff are supported by the leaders and staff of ┴¨║¤▒ŽÁń Archdiocese Catholic Schools (MACS). They are also supported by parents, parishes, religious institutes and the wider school community.

As a Catholic organisation, the person and teachings of Jesus Christ, as presented in the gospels and proclaimed by the Church, are central to our vision, mission and values. Founded in Christ and sustained by faith, we seek to support schools to fulfil their mission of enabling each student to come into the fullness of their own humanity. This is a journey in hope and towards hope.

The implementation of the new governance arrangements is informed by a key document, Working Together in Mission.

Working Together in Mission

Working Together in Mission is a charter that outlines the roles and responsibilities of those who lead the shared work and mission of Catholic parishes and schools in the Archdiocese of ┴¨║¤▒ŽÁń.

Parish priests and principals hold distinctive roles of leadership in their parish and school communities. The charter defines their respective roles to ensure that the relationship between parish and school is strong and continues to provide the religious leadership necessary for the success of the mission.