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Welcome to the Catholic Secondary School

Catholic secondary schools provide high-quality academic, social, physical and religious education for more than 98,000 young people in the Archdiocese of ┴¨║¤▒ŽÁń.

Your Child's Learning

Each Catholic secondary school aims to give your young person a foundation of faith, values, knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for lifelong learning.

Assessing and Reporting Your Child's Progress

Teachers continually observe and assess your child's learning in class. This assessment assists the teacher to fine-tune teaching strategies suitable for your individual child.

Learning Pathways for Your Child

Our secondary schools offer direct support and advice from specialist careers teachers about possible pathways for your child.

Diverse Learning Needs

Our schools work in collaboration with specialised organisations in developing educational programs for students with diverse needs which are personalised to meet the needs of the individual student.

Your child's Health, Wellbeing and Safety

Children thrive in schools when they feel happy, confident and secure. Your child's wellbeing is our first priority. Our school communities offer a wide range of student wellbeing supports as well as student wellbeing leaders.

Parents and Schools ÔÇô Working Together

The partnership between you and the school is crucial to ensuring that your child has the best opportunities to enjoy the school experience.

Supporting Parents - Access & Affordability

Every effort is made to support students with additional learning needs or to families experiencing financial difficulties; a range of opportunities for assistance are available.


Your school should always be your first point of contact and will have its own Complaints policy to which you should refer.


Contact details for MACS Head Office and MACS Regional Offices, along with handy links to other Victorian and federal government educational agencies and statutory authorities.