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This really is the ‘go to’ statement for the ‘how to’ of Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of ┴¨║¤▒ŽÁń. You are the ones invited to ‘bring it to life’.

Working Together in Mission: Charter for parishes and schools in the Archdiocese of ┴¨║¤▒ŽÁń arose from the School Governance Steering Committee Position Paper recommendation to provide a clear statement of the Church’s mission to educate the children and young people of our families, in light of the change in governance arrangements for the schools owned by the Archdiocese, its parishes or associations of parishes from 2021.

We have indeed come a long way since our first continuously operating Catholic school in the Archdiocese – St Mary’s School, Williamstown, which began in May 1842. The earliest available record of enrolment shows the school taught six boys and eight girls. Today, we have over 113,000 students in approximately 300 Catholic schools across the Archdiocese.

The Working Together in Mission charter is really the first time that mission, and the roles and responsibilities of all involved in Catholic education have been brought together in a single statement.

What the charter offers is not an outline of curriculum per se, of financial accountabilities, staffing schedules or meetings, but an invitation to reflect on the essential foundations of what we are all called to be.

The essential message of the statement is a call and a challenge for us to provide the best possible Catholic education for our young people as they embark on their life journey as a fruit of the gospel.

(Archbishop Peter A Comensoli, Working Together in Mission)

In Fr Mark Reynolds’ letter of introduction to Working Together in Mission, he underlines that it is ‘together that we must work and minister, be it as priest, principal, member of staff, parent and, most importantly, students so as to ensure that the lived experience of Catholic education at the local level, be that in primary or secondary, is a genuine expression of who we are as missionary disciples of Jesus Christ’.

Working Together in Mission aims to provide essential direction and guidance for us all, as it outlines key issues of Catholic life such as fidelity to mission, Catholic identity, and liturgical and sacramental life. It also provides clarity about roles and responsibilities of parish priests, principals, School Advisory Councils and parents in the Catholic school, all of which goes into supporting the key relationship between parish and principal.

The mission in which we all work together is profoundly sacred and we need each other to help it be a rich experience for all.


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